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    Gear Box
    Gear Driving System Co., Ltd. offers gearbox OEM & ODM services. They have an excellent R&D team and efficient production line. Their goal is to design gearboxes which meet all the needs of any client at the most competitive prices.
    Vibrator Gearbox
    Walkman Gearbox

    A gearbox, also known as a gear reducer or speed reducer, is a set of gears for transmitting power from one rotating shaft to another. Their main function is to convert the input provided by an electric motor into the output of lower rotational speed and higher torque.

    Gearboxes are available in different sizes, gear ratios, and capacities. They are used in a wide range of industrial, automotive, and home machinery application, etc.

    There are various gearboxes available according to the end use they are being put to. The main types of gearboxes are as follows:

    • Helical Gearbox
    • Planetary Gearbox
    • Worm Gearbox
    • Bevel Gearbox
    • Spur Gearbox
    • Belt Gearbox
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