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    GL series

    The R&D team of GDS successfully designed a new kind of linear actuator, GL-R20 series, and they also got the patent from the United States. The motors and output shafts of the GL-R20 linear actuators are in a line, different from the traditional ones (perpendicular or parallel). In addition, the planetary gears of GL-R20 linear actuators can enhance the efficiency of resisting shocks and absorbing vibrations.

    PS: The GL-R20 series are not into mass production yet. If they work better for your products, please contact GDS for further information.
    Model No. GL-R20-A110 GL-R20-A220
    Voltage AC 110 AC 220
    Push Force(kgw) 300~600 300~600
    Pull Force(kgw) 300~600 300~600
    Holding Force(kgw) 800 800

    Speed (mm/s)No load/ Full load

    8~12/6~10 8~12/6~10
    Stroke(mm) 50-800 50-800
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